Guidelines for "True" United Baptist Associations

 Guidelines for "True" United Baptist Associations

The requirement(s) needed for an association to be added to this list is that the association at one time or another was in agreement with the United Baptist position. That means that they either were a part of the historical union(s) in VA, NC, and KY, or they, at some point, followed the United Baptist succession.  This includes those associations that have been constituted under the United Baptist guidelines, but maybe didn't apply "United Baptist" to their title.

Ex.: Bethel Association in MO was first called Bethel Baptist Association in the minutes from 1816 to about 1829.  Bethel then added "United" to their official title at that time, but were always of the United Baptist agreement.

Historical "Rule"

By this title, Historical Rule, I mean a "rule of thumb" to follow.  When studying the movement of the United Baptist, keep in mind the timeline from the beginning of the union(s) through the dilemma on missions and doctrinal discrepancies.

1777:  North Carolina establishes a union between the "Regular Baptists" and "Separate Baptists" in that state.
1787:  Virginia makes the general union official, dropping the names "Regular" and "Separate", and taking on the name "United Baptist."
1801:   Kentucky also establishes a general union between the "Regulars" and "Separates", and all associations changed their name to "United Baptist", except for two Separate Baptist 

1820s - 1830s:  Campbellism infiltrates the associations in several states.  The mission question becomes a factor for the associations.  These two points in history caused a split in some
                          places; two sub-denominations are formed: Missionary Baptists and Primitive Baptists.

1845:  Some of the mission-minded associations joined up with the Southern and Northern (Americans) Baptist Conventions.  Some United Baptist associations were effected by this.

Today:  There are still churches and associations forming under the United Baptist style.

Here are some examples of those baptist denominations that used to be United Baptists (From the best of my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong, please):

(Originally) Old Regular Baptists 
This group felt that the United Baptists compromised* on Regular Baptist principles and reverted back to "The Old Time Way".

(Some) Primitive Baptists
 - Are "anti-missionary" (all together:  UBs felt missions came from the home church) and believe predestination.

(Some) Missionary Baptists
 - Are mission minded and have mission boards (not all MBs agree this way, of course).

(Some) Southern Baptists
 - Took a stance on the "slave issue" and missions (not the whole story, though).

(Some) American Baptists
 (Northern Baptists) - Same reasons as Southern Baptists.

* - the union of Regular Baptists with the Separate Baptists.

This research is to chart these associations; where they started, how they ended up, and why. I want to find out who had been influenced by them, when this happened and where it occurred. I believe all want to know about their heritage, and I want to know about my United Baptist heritage.  Please help me with this project.
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